Saturday, April 11, 2009

Three Years of Yulinka Cooks

March 27 was the third anniversary of Yulinka Cooks. Some people celebrate with cake; I celebrate with caviar canapes.* (Last year I rang in my two-year blog anniversary with a slice of herring in a fur coat.)

The past year has been pretty successful for this little blog. I got my first press clipping and made some money thanks to blog ads. Granted, my blog's return on investment is very low, but I still like cooking and coming up with engaging ways to write up my kitchen endeavors. With that, let's go on a tour of my third year in the blogosphere. (Go here for my first-year anniversary write-up and here for a two-year birthday post.)

In May, I had fun with leftovers, which earned me a mention in the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel.
In July, I went to Estonia and Russia. My travels inspired some reflections on what it's like to be Russian-American.
In the fall, I traipsed all over the Milwaukee suburbs in pursuit of local food. I also tweaked my borsch recipe.
When it got colder, I made schi (Russian sauerkraut soup) for the first time. Other successful first-time dishes were lagman, an Uzbek lamb stew, and an Estonian potato/mushroom/cheese casserole. One of the weirder recipes to appear on this blog was chicken stuffed with crepes.
I didn't blog much in February and March, but I did write up this blog's policy on freebies, samples and PR pitches. I also joined Twitter and was super excited to attract 53 whole followers, including the CEO of Lifeway, a company that makes kefir.
Thanks for reading, all. I really do appreciate it.
*My caviar canape recipe is here.


irina said...

Yulinka, let me be the first to congratulate you! (In the spirit of Eastern-European cookingblogness.) You've inspired a few meals and my own blog (which I finally updated), so: congratulations!

Anonymous said...

Happy 3rd birthday!! I love reading your blog - it was one of the inspirations to start my own!

Lo said...

Congratulations! And happy birthday. I haven't been keeping up on my blog reading of late... but I'm glad I came back to help you celebrate. Sounds like you had a great year!

adele said...


Yulinka said...

Irina--I'm glad your blog is back up and running!

Shushka & Adele--Thanks!

Lo--It was a very good year, blog-wise. :)

Irene said...

Congratulations! I really enjoy reading your blog and hope for many more years!

Yulinka said...

Irene--thanks! Hey, I hope you keep blogging, too--your photos always make me hungry. :)

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