Saturday, April 25, 2009

Accidental-Ricotta Flatbreads

The other day I accidentally made ricotta cheese.* I’m not sure what happened—I was trying to make farmer's cheese, using a technique I’ve got down pat, but the stars were misaligned or I failed to please the gods of food chemistry.

What to do with two cups of unplanned ricotta? I made ricotta-and-spinach flatbreads using this excellent dough recipe. Originally intended for cheese bread called hachepouri from the republic of Georgia, this dough is wonderfully versatile. I’ve rolled it out for pizza and stuffed it with filling for savory pastries.

This time, for the filling, I mixed ricotta with a few cups of sautéed spinach, some diced, cooked chicken, ¼ cup crumbled feta and an egg. I made half the above dough recipe, rolled the prepared dough into two rounds, and spread the filling atop each round. The edges of the dough I rolled up around the cheese, like for pizza. All this was baked at 400 for about 30 minutes until golden and bubbly. Give it a try sometime.

*I’ve made my own my own ricotta before, on purpose--pretty good, but takes a lot of milk to yield a little cheese.


Lo said...

OK -- I'm telling you that this idea sounds completely fabulous. It could be partially due to the fact that it's lunchtime here and I'm STARVING... but that creamy ricotta spilling out from the flatbread crust... TOO YUM.

Yulinka said...

Lo--Ha! I actually used way too much cheese and it spread everywhere. It was more like a ricotta-spinach lump than a flatbread...but still delicious. :)

Anna said...

Wow, that looks just absolutely yummy

Yulinka said...

Anna...Thanks--it was! Pretty easy to make, too, even the dough.

irina said...

Mmm, you know what, I bet that filling would be good in phyllo dough and then baked or fried. I've done that with spinach and goat cheese, and served it on salad -- an idea I got from a local restaurant.

They're all bourek variations, I guess... Do you ever make pastries filled with cabbage or spiced potatoes?

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