Monday, October 19, 2009

Product Review: Suhariki

Suhariki are a simple little snack that I’ve eaten dozens of times without considering to highlight them here. Russian for crackers or little toasts, suhariki are sold in every Eastern European grocery I’ve been to, usually right next to sushki (bagel-shaped crackers). Basically these are lightly sweetened crackers or cookies that you eat plain as a snack, or topped with any combination of cheese, jam or what have you. I like them for breakfast with cream cheese and jam, washed down with a café au lait, or as a late-night snack with some milky tea.


Rozmin said...

Interesting, it looks very similar to something that's sold in every Indian grocery store, they're called rusks. They have ones that are spiced with a savory mix of spices (my aunt makes those at home sometimes), and then "cake rusk" which are a little sweeter. They look like the suhariki, and are like dry toasts. My grandfather usually eats the plain or cake ones with tea for breakfast.

adele said...

Ooh. I saw these and thought "rusks" too!

Julia (alias Yulinka Cooks) said...

Rozmin & Adele--I've never heard of rusks! Will have to check them out.

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