Wednesday, September 09, 2009

From the Archives: Tea

"Dinner has ended long ago, but still we are sitting at the table, drinking our fifth or seventh cup of tea; and I am thinking that Russians can sit at a supper table while saying brilliant or ridiculous things longer than seems physically possible; further, this trait may explain Russia's famous susceptibility to unhealthy foreign ideas, with the post-mealtime tea-drinking providing the opportunity for contagion; and, further yet, I am wondering whether tea perhaps has been a more dangerous beverage to the Russian peace of mind, over all, than vodka."
-Ian Frazier, ""Travels in Siberia--I," New Yorker, Aug. 3, 2009

This blog, on tea.


adele said...

Hmm. That could be a pretty good description of my dinner table when I have friends over...

Anonymous said...

Mmmm....tea! My favorite is to blend Lapsang Souchong with Ceylon.

Anonymous said...

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Julia (alias Yulinka Cooks) said...

Aimless chatting after dinner over tea (or libations) is always pretty good.

Guerilla Chef--I love blending Ceylon with other flavors.

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