Sunday, November 12, 2006

Peanut Butter Bread

I just caught on to National Blog Posting Month, when bloggers are encouraged to post every single day during November. I'm now all excited about blogging more often, although I will probably come to my senses tomorrow. In the meantime, I'll play around with this mini-post approach:

I say peanut butter bread is a great idea. I like peanut butter but I hate how it's used in baking--usually as part of sugary sweet slop involving chocolate. What a revelation this bread was!

I made two small changes in the recipe--I reduced the sugar to 1/4 cup and baked the bread in a 9" by 11" cake pan instead of a loaf pan. The final result is slightly sweet, fluffy, and nutty. This bread was a great addition to my weekend breakfast of yogurt and tea. It was also good smeared with plain cream cheese or drizzled with honey.

The recipe comes from Cooking With Yiddishe Mama. New food blogger Alla Staroseletskaya posts Eastern European and American recipes in Russian and English. I can't wait to try this farmer's cheese apple cake.


Anonymous said...

hey yulinka, thanks for the info.

i didn't know about this november daily blogging thing. it takes a lot of work to post daily but the minipost option is a great idea.

i saw this recipe also at yiddishe mama's but haven't gotten around to it, so you saved me some work. i will have to try it your way as a loaf sounds good.

must be peanuts in the air as i just did something about peanutbutter also. lol.

Mrs. M. said...

Bureka--Well, the minipost approach clearly isn't working for me...

Try the peanut butter bread, though. It's good for breakfast or even with soup or chili.

Anonymous said...

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