Saturday, May 27, 2006

A Saturday Breakfast

This is a pure vanity post, inspired by today's breakfast. On weekdays I have a piece of fruit, usually an apple, for breakfast at my desk at work. My ideal weekend breakfast, however, features yogurt or tvorog, some sort of a fresh baked good and black tea. It’s indulgent but not so brunch-heavy that you feel like you've eaten your daily allotment of calories half an hour after getting up.

From left: black loose-leaf Indian tea with a slice of lemon, yogurt scones and tvorog topped with plain yogurt and jam. I like to read something—anything—when I’m eating breakfast. This might jibe with the whole savoring-your-food-without-distractions philosophy, but I think everything tastes better when you’re reading while eating. I picked up this bad habit when I was a kid and I still find myself reading labels on jars and bottles when I'm lacking reading material at the table. I don’t get the Saturday paper so today I settled for an old issue of W magazine. Do thin models encourage poor body image? If only! I ate two buttered scones, licked my fingers and wanted more.


Anonymous said...

Having no idea what tvorog was, I had to google it, and a post written by you was the fourth hit.

Your breakfast looks more healthy and sensible than indulgent, but it also looks delicious.

I read while I eat too and come from a family of table-readers.

Mrs. M. said...


This breakfast felt indulgent because it was consumed on a leisurely Saturday morning and because I had the chance to do some baking. Beats an apple at work!

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