Friday, February 18, 2011

Russian Candy Review: Korovki

This is part three of my occasional Russian candy review series. See also part one and part two.

Who’s up for a little cow? That’s what these caramel candies are called in Russian—Korovki, which is short for little cows, plural (коровки=little cows/корова=cow, singular/коровы=cows, presumably full-sized).

They come in bright little wrappers with a picture of a blissfully happy cow on the front. As for the taste, these are like a soft, creamy version of Werther’s butterscotch toffee. They’re a bit too sweet for my tastes, but work when I need sugar rush. I give them a B-.

You can buy Korovki at most Russian and Eastern European groceries. In the Milwaukee area, I recommend Spartak in Whitefish Bay. For more on Milwaukee-area shopping options, check out this guide.


kcmeesha said...

they are more like vanilla fudge than toffee.that's until they dry up after a while.

Sydney said...

This may sound a little crazy, but when I came back from Russia I made a giant scrapbook...the only one I've ever made - but huge! In it I had 4 large pages of various candy/cracker/sweets wrappers hehe. Just looked and I don't have one of these but I have one the one from your first candy post (Mishka Kosolapyi)!
Have a good weekend!

Maya said...

OMG, I didn't have it for more than 20 years (literally). I think I can still remember the taste. I seriously need to visit one of the Russian stores in the area, although I don't think I will like korovki now (or any other candy). One exception - in Israel my mom buys what is called Serenada. I don't remember that I ever had it in Latvia, so I am not sure where it is from. It sooooo good!

Julia (alias Yulinka Cooks) said...

Meesha--Yeah, they do dry up, and some less-than-scrupulous groceries sell them that way!

Sydney-When I was little, in Russia, I collected candy wrappers. My parents accidentally tossed them once, and I was so upset.

Maya-Check out Spartak in Whitefish Bay--they have a huge candy selection. Not just Korovki, but all sorts of fun stuff.

Elona said...

This is by far my favorite Russian candy. But I like to make sure its fresh so when you bite into it is smooth and chewy not hard and brittle. Either way I love this stuff!

Katherine said...

Hi, Yulinka!

I grew up on these! (We used to call them grit or sand candy, since they can be kind of mealy.) The easiest ones to find were always the Polish ones ("krowki") in the yellow and white wrappers. (A&J Polish Deli on Lincoln has these, but I've also seen them at Woodman's. Woodman's has an awesome international section.) I haven't been to Spartak yet, but may get there tomorrow. BTW, I think my favorite Russian candies are Kara Kum and Squirrel (Belochka?). Ooh, and layered halvah is awesome, when you can find it.

Witzelsucht of a Philosophunculist said...

Do you know of a recipe for korovki or where I could find one? I'm living in Russia right now and the woman I live with eats them when she's drinking tea. I kind of want to try my hand at them when I get home, but I can't find a recipe.

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