Thursday, July 02, 2009

Camping Food: S'mores vs. Rye Bread

Some kids like s'mores; I liked toasted rye bread. Growing up in Russia, I spent my summers in the country, in a small village not far from St. Petersburg. One of my best memories of those days is toasting bread over a campfire. I thought this was an absolutely delicious treat, especially when the bread was sprinked with salt and eaten with ripe plum tomatoes on the side.

These days, toasting rye bread (oh, and bagels) is still my favorite part of camping. I'm off for a camping/canoeing trip this weekend, and I hope to return with more stories about Russian campfire treats. Happy Fourth of July, everyone!


anya said...

Julia, I hear you! Fragrant rye bread with salt and juicy tomatoes is hard to beat...indeed. Oh memories!! :)

Evie_Edlund said...

My favourite rye bread treat is to have it toasted, buttered with a little back bacon and sharp cheddar melted on top.

Julia (alias Yulinka Cooks) said...

Anya--Glad I'm not the only one who daydreams about rye bread and salt.

Evie--Bacon's great on the grill. Bacon-rye-and-cheese sandwiches are delicious.

anya said...

I just recalled my other childhood food memory: a thick sliver of rye bread rubbed slightly with garlic and sprinkled with salt...OMG! :)

Lo said...

I love everything about campfire cooking. There's just something about the wood-fired flavor of the food. Not to mention the great conversations had while roasting hotdogs, burgers, lamb... or just about anything (including rye bread)!

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