Sunday, March 08, 2009

When the economy gives you lemons...

* ....throw a bunch of sugar at it. Lemons were on sale this week at Sendik's; so I bought half a dozen and made sugared lemons.

*A food blogger for the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel is compiling weekly grocery store deals on her blog, Post-College Kitchen. If you're in the Milwaukee area, check this out. I hardly ever buy produce, meat or dairy that isn't on sale.

*If you find yourself at a dinner party with two food bloggers, you're unlikely to eat until the said bloggers have photographed everything on the table. My friend Anna hosted a party where we shot these delicious smoked salmon-and-goat cheese canapes, among other things.

*Readers, you've been doing a great job of pretending you like the links, notes and whatnot I've been posting lately. Work, school and countless odds and ends have kept me from cooking much in recent weeks. Recipes will resume.


Olga said...

sugared lemons: that's such a Russian thing!!! :)
My parents made me eat them when I was sick when I was little.
Great memories.

Yulinka said...

Olga-What do you mean, they "made you"? Sugared lemons are delicious, and I'll happily eat them anytime. ;)

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