Thursday, January 01, 2009

Mushroom-Deviled Eggs

I don’t know about you, but I’m done with the holidays. I’ve had enough rich food, desserts and bubbly for a few months. Well, okay, truth is, I’ll probably be in the mood for these addictive little mushroom-deviled eggs in a few weeks.

We had these as part of our New Year’s Eve Russian appetizer dinner, but they’d also work well as dinner starters or snacks.

These are super-easy to make and lighter than traditional, mayo-heavy devilled eggs. Hard-boil a dozen eggs. Let cool, slice across horizontally and remove the egg yolks. Saute 8 ounces of finely chopped mushrooms in some olive oil; salt and pepper to taste. Let cool for a few minutes.

Add a tablespoon of finely chopped parsley. Finely dice the egg yolks, and add to the mushrooms; mix. Stuff the eggs with the filling. Pop the eggs in your mouth, one after one.


Lauri Strawberry said...

Interesting I would have never thought to put Mushrooms in Deviled Eggs. This will be one of my next things to try

adele said...

Hmm. Do I have to share? Alarming as the thought might be, I could probably eat an entire dozen deviled eggs all on my own.

Anonymous said...

That sound delicious!!!! Another I must try! I think either some of the Lobster or Lisichki mushrooms we harvested last year would go great!

Funny devilved egg story. My mother-in-law made deviled eggs for a party. She sprinkled some paprika on the top. But weevils had gotten into it, eaten the paprika, and then passed into the next life (probably from overdosing on paprika.) Everyone was wondering aloud at the "paprika seeds" that didn't get filtered out of the paprika! This teaches one to always close the lid of the paprika or other spices after use!


Mrs. M. said...

Lauri-I like to put mushrooms in everything. :)

Adele-I lost count of how many I had!

Kevan--I don't take very good care of my spices-they're a mess. But thanks for the warning! Enjoy your mushrooms.

Otehlia Cassidy said...

Yum! My kids love deviled eggs and mushrooms (so do I). I have to try this.

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