Thursday, July 31, 2008


Here’s a list of my recent food cravings: dilled potatoes, sour cream, homemade pickles and kefir. No, I’m not pregnant. It’s just that I’ve been to Russia. All I want to eat is simple, Slavic peasant food, heavy on the beets, fermented dairy products and rye bread. This week I made svekolnik (also known as cold borsch) and farmer's cheese, and spruced up old posts on these dishes.


incunabular said...

I sorta had the opposite reaction. I ate so much dill in Russia that now I have a hard time stomaching it. Even after two years have passed. Not everything tastes better с укропом! One time in Moscow I even got a sprig of dill in my temaki sushi handroll. Wtf?

Luckily Russia didn't ruin me on sour cream, though. I loves me some sour cream.

Yulinka said...

incunabular--I love dill, but I agree that it's best served with potatoes, borsch or cucumbers, not sushi. (Although dill sushi may be the equivalent of cream cheese or mayo in U.S. sushi.) Sour cream, mmm.

Diana said...

Completely normal! We have been back from Ulan-Ude since Mid March and I still dream of my mother in law's cooking.:)

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