Tuesday, February 26, 2008


I'm making good on my New Year's resolution to experiment with pickling vegetables in 2008. Above is pickled mixed vegetable salad from Anya von Bremzen's Please to the Table: shredded cabbage, onions, carrots and red peppers in a marinade made with water, vinegar, salt, sugar and sunflower oil. I'll post a recipe if this is any good.


adele said...

Well, it certainly looks appealing. :)

Yulinka said...

Adele--It turned out to be pretty good. Look for a write-up soon!

Victoria said...

Yep, I know that recipe, which I made already a few times. :) It is great both in terms of flavor and texture.

Curiously enough, I made an observation that Anya's savory reicpes tend to turn out much better than her savory ones. Still, many of her desserts are great as a source of inspiration.

Yulinka said...

Victoria--this recipe wasn't perfect--I had to do some tweaking and guesswork. In fact, a lot of Anya's recipes are like that. Still, the Please to the Table book is the best and most inspiring Russian/Soviet cookbook out there.

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