Thursday, June 01, 2006

Vote for Yulinka

*MKE, a local lifestyle weekly, has nominated Yulinka Cooks in its blog of the week contest. This is a right of passage for Milwaukee bloggers, and I wouldn't mind winning. Vote for me here.

*Unfortunately, I can't woo new readers with tantalizing recipes for kvas (rye bread beer) and vareniki (fruit dumplings). I won't be doing much cooking for the next week as I'm leaving for Puerto Vallarta, Mexico, on Saturday. I should be back next Saturday, June 10. Then I'll have another week of vacation, which I hope to spend playing lady of leisure. I'm planning complicated, multi-step cooking projects.

*I've been busy with work and packing this so I haven't cooked anything blog-worthy lately. The most notable dish was a variation of this shrimp scampi pasta, to which I added cherry tomatoes and spinach.

*"The Virtuous Eater, of course, has underlying health reasons for her food rules--fewer pesticides, reduced additives, no trans fat--not unlike the way many scholars believe Kosher laws were initially formed to protect Jews from unsanitary food. But the Virtuous Eater, like her historical God-fearing counterparts, also considers adherence to her dietary laws an ethical imperative and an important public exhibition of piety, a model for the less observant. It's no longer particularly acceptable to brag about one's church attendance or volunteer details of one's own genealogy or pedigree, but a blow-by-blow account of the short life of an ear of organic, local sweet corn is appropriate conversation for dinner and a credit to any cook."

Are you a Virtuous Eater? There's much more to say about this article, but I'm too tired right now. I do think most food bloggers are voluptuary Virtuous Eaters.


Rebecca said...

Virtuous eaters are okay, judgemental eaters, and I know I can be judgemental myself at the drop of a hat (it's the big sister in me), I can do without.

Have a wonderful vacation and keep notes on what you eat!

mzn said...

Thanks for the link (isn't virtue overrated?), good luck in the contest (I voted for you), and enjoy your vacation.

lindy said...

Bon voyage..I'm envious.

Seems to me that it is in the US that virtue and food are most commonly tangled. I think it may be our sadly omnipresent puritan heritage..

It is very weird in many ways...and often-in the case of the demonizing of certain foods ... fats ..sugars,carbs..can lead to some pretty depressing results.

On the other hand, I find the eat local, organically etc, preferences to be more political, less akin to religious intolerence, and very consistent with eating the best tasting food.

I think these two views are not the same, though they get lumped together in theoretical discussions, probably because either view can become snobby and boring, depending on who is professing it, how and why.

On the other hand, as a person who spends an inordinate amount of time making and writing about food, I probably qualify as obsessed-and unreliable on the topic.

Yulinka said...

Thanks, all.

Rebecca-I'll be staying at a resort so I'm expecting buffet food, but maybe I'll be pleasantly surprised when eating out.

MZN-Thanks for voting for me. Virtue is overrated.

Lindy-Interesting thoughts! I care about taste more than anything else and I'm pretty indifferent to the political aspect food production.

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